Warehousing, Shipping, Clearing, and Delivery

Warehousing / shipping / clearing and delivery

To makes air shipping hassle free and convenient, PRINAJ provide warehousing, clearing and home delivery services. Our big and spacious warehouse also offer our customers opportunities to store their goods until they are ready to be shipped (either by air or by sea)

As a Nigeria Licensed Custom agent, PRINAJ offers air freight clearing services in Nigeria and deliver the goods to various destinations (towns and cities) in Nigeria.

Our shipping process is hassle free as we help our customer comply with applicable U.S. customs rules by assisting them to prepare, file and transmit Automated Export Shipment (AES) information to the appropriate authority. More so, our online shipping navigator let you request for quotes, make final booking and track your shipment.

Our staff are highly proficient in international shipping procedures and are TSA trained and certified.