E – Procurement

Dedicated to making supply chains much easier and convenient

This is the service we offer to our overseas customers that have no access to international debit and credit cards and are unable to make purchases online or from U.S. stores. PRINAJ assist our customers to procure items online and from stores and send them to their final destinations. When it comes to fast and efficient services with energetic and well trained staff, PRINAJ Services ranks amongst the best in the logistics industry.

Fast and On-Time Service

We provide our customers fast and efficient service because as the phrase goes "time is money". PRINAJ strive to procure your items and deliver them with accurate inventory to you faster than you can imagine. Our trained and dedicated staff are available always to make the procurement much easier and convenient.

Precise and Accurate Procurement

Our staff are technologically savvy and will help to navigate the internet and sometimes drives to the stores to get exactly what you wanted and buy and freight them to you within our stipulated delivery time frame.

Dependability and Reliability

We handle all air and ocean freight shipments in the most professional, reliable and expeditious means possible using world’s scheduled air and ocean lines capable of meeting timely delivery of time sensitive materials.